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Stop Internet Cancer Inc.

We have a very important ideal that we strive towards every day:

Recently there has been an increase of cancerous and toxic activity on the internet. Not only on websites such as 4Chan and Reddit, and the squeeker ridden 9Gag, but also on video games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and other popular FPS games.

There has always been a decent amount of toxicity and frankly stupidity on these games, but recently there has been an uproar in the amount and the concentration of the toxicity. I have yet to get into a game with friends where our teammates haven't team-killed, purposefully gone afk for more than 5 rounds, or just been blatantly rude and said vulgar and racial comments.

Behavior like this on such a loved game by so many people needs to end. It was tolerable when you could get into a game with people like this once, maybe twice a day. But now it is happening nearly everytime we get into a match. We, the smart and educated, and most importantly, mature people, must stand up to this stupidity, idiocy, and downright cancerous tumour that is ruining a game that many of us have come to love over the years.